Nya's "No, No More" video

"No, No More" song

"No, No More" is a song of hope and healing! 

This website is dedicated to the song and video "No, No
More." and Nya's mission!  This song by Nya is written
to create awareness about domestic violence, child abuse
and sexual abuse against women and young girls!  Nya
has accepted her mission to end the violence and abuse!
This website will allow you to join her and stand up and
say "No, No More!"

"No, No More" is from Nya's recently released album
"Firecracker!"  Earnings from her music, merchandise,
shows and promotional events all help her to create an
awareness!  Everyday thousands of women and young
girls are victims!  Also, many of them are victims of vicious
crimes!  Many are raped, beaten and left to die a cold cruel
heartless death...  alone!  Why would you want your wife or
daughters to be victims?

God created all people!  We must change and stop the
violence against women and young girls!  Through the
"No, No More" dedicated website you can now join Nya
in her mission and stand together!

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